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    Electric forklifts, electric forklifts Motor Series Special specifications brushless DC motor series Brushless DC motor model constitutes Description Fenghua Xingyu Special Motor Manufacturing Co. Single-phase 400W with electromagnetic brake Three-phase 1.5KW with electromagnetic brake Three-phase 1.1KW with electromagnetic brake Single-phase 250W with electromagnetic brake Single-phase 160W with electromagnetic brake Single-phase 65W with electromagnetic brake Three-phase 650W with electromagnetic brake Air conditioning brushless DC motor series Electric actuator matching motor series Machine brushless DC motor series Worm brushless DC motor series Brushless DC Motor Series (QT) Spraying machine motor series DC brushless motor car series Special motor manufacturers Single, three-phase 100W Single-phase -160W- fast 250W single-phase fast DZW, DQW motor series DKJ, DKZ motor series Xi Bosi motor series Bernard motor series Direct Connect 1.5KW Single-phase 250W-A Single-phase 250W-B Rotork Motor Series Special motor price Geared Motor Series Brushless DC Motor 190BL314-1000/35A Single-phase 160W Single-phase 100W 100BL180-200/40A Three-phase 400W Three-phase 250W Three-phase 160W 100BL180-150/15A 134BL174-110-14B 110BL173-150/15A 110BL173-150/30A 110BL173-200/15A 110BL173-200/30A 120BL176-150/15A 120BL176-150/30A 120BL216-200/15A 120BL216-200/30A 120BL216-250/15A 120BL216-250/30A 130BL182-150/15A 130BL182-150/30A 130BL182-220/15A 130BL182-220/30A 130BL212-250/15A 130BL212-250/30A 130BL212-300/15A 130BL212-300/30A 133BL202-100/15A 133BL202-150/15A 140BL225-250/35A 140BL235-300/35A 165BL248-450/25A 165BL265-550/30A 190BL314-750/28A 100BL180-150/30A 120BL204-130/36B 100BL180-100/15A 120BL224-220/36B 100BL180-100/30A Three-phase 65W 110BL133-40/15A 110BL133-40/30A 100BL180-75/15A 100BL180-75/30A AC motor series 110BL133-60/15A 110BL133-60/30A 110BL154-90-35A 110BL150-80-26A 110BL133-80/15A 110BL133-80/30A 90BL140-100/30A 83BL169-150/28A 100BL130-30/15A 100BL130-30/30A 100BL130-40/15A 120BL176-80/15A 120BL176-80/30A QT motor series 100BL130-40/30A 100BL130-50/15A YBDF2-113-4-750 YBDF2-113-4-550 YBDF2-113-4-400 YBDF2-113-4-300 YBDF2-113-4-220 110BL150-40-22A 0.37-0.75-1.5KW 100BL130-50/30A 80BL150-25/15A 80BL150-25/30A 80BL150-35/15A 80BL150-35/30A 80BL150-55/30A 80BL150-80/30A 90BL96-35-0.6A 90BL105-20/15A 90BL105-20/30A 90BL105-25/15A 90BL105-30/15A 90BL105-30/30A 90BL105-40/15A 90BL105-40/30A 90BL140-55/15A 90BL140-55/30A 90BL105-25/30A 76BL140-60/28A 76BL158-80/28A 90BL140-75/15A 80BL112-12/15A 80BL112-12/30A 80BL112-15/15A 80BL112-15/30A 90BL100-20/15A 90BL100-20/30A 90BL100-25/15A 90BL100-25/30A 60BL83-1.5/15A 60BL83-1.5/30A 60BL98-2.5/15A 60BL98-2.5/30A 60BL98-4.5/15A 60BL98-4.5/30A 70BL96-4.5/15A 70BL96-4.5/30A 70BL116-12/15A 70BL116-12/30A 80BL115-12/15A 80BL115-12/30A 80BL115-15/15A YBDF2-93-4-280 YBDF2-78-4-250 YBDF2-78-4-180 YBDF2-78-4-150 YBDF2-75-4-140 YBDF2-75-4-110 YBDF2-73-4-150 YBDF2-70-4-100 YBDF2-64-4-110 80BL115-15/30A 80BL115-20/15A 80BL115-20/30A 80BL112-9/30A 70BL116-9/15A YBDF2-70-4-75 YBDF2-70-4-40 YBDF2-70-4-37 YBDF2-70-4-25 70BL116-9/30A YBDF2-64-4-75 YBDF2-55-4-18 YBDF2-48-4-30 YBDF2-48-4-18 80BL112-9/15A YBDF2-75-4-75 YBDF2-75-4-55 YBDF2-55-4-9 60BL83-1/30A 60BL83-1/15A 70BL96-6/30A DZB 60 speed 60 -90 -120W 70BL96-6/15A 90DF-120W 220 -370W 250-370W 90DF-60W 90DF-40W 90DF-90W 550-750W ZH-25W DZB 25 DZB 60 ZH-60W 310-A 410-A 510-A SR 30 7.5KW 2.2KW SR 20 SR 10 1.5KW 1.1KW 210-A 10KW 160w 800w 400w 180W 120W 750W 550W 250W Ltd. 3KW 60W 30W 16W 60w 25w 25W 90W 4KW
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